"Special Offer 12 Reformer Classes for just $199/Month"

Pilates-4-Virginia Beach is a contemporary pilates studio.  Pilates is a mode of exercise that lengthens and strengthens the muscles while focusing on postural alignment and stability.  It is a great form of exercise for anyone.

In addition, we also provide GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® private training and small group classes. A variety of group class formats including TRX, mat pilates and barre round out our offerings at Pilates-4-Virginia Beach.  We began online classes via Zoom in 2020 and continue to make these available.

Jennifer began her career in fitness in 1989.  She completed the comprehensive STOTT PILATES instructor certification in 2003.  Prior to opening Pilates-4-Virginia Beach in 2014, she owned and operated a private pilates studio in the Los Angeles area for 13 years, specializing in pain management.  Jennifer also teaches TRX, mat pilates, barre and the GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® methods. 

Jennifer’s philosophy on exercise is that it should be results-oriented without being debilitating. Find what you enjoy doing and make it a part of your daily routine.

As a former competitive gymnast and cheerleader, Jan turned her love of physical fitness into a career after she discovered pilates in 2010.  Believing pilates could benefit anyone, she combined her passions of helping people become healthier through fitness when she became a certified mat pilates instructor.  She completed the comprehensive STOTT PILATES instructor certification in 2019.  Jan also teaches TRX, mat pilates and barre.

Julie started out at Pilates-4-Virginia Beach as a client.  After falling in love with both pilates and the studio, she began the arduous task of becoming a comprehensive STOTT PILATES instructor in 2020.  Julie enjoys the challenge of teaching and the opportunity it provides her to develop a motivating workout session that suits the individual needs of her clients.

Betsey, LPTA, is a lymphedema specialist at the adjoining clinic, Innovative Therapy and Wellness. Her mission for this chronic diagnosis is to improve, encourage, educate and inspire those affected by lymphedema. Betsey has also enjoyed teaching DanceIT, an hour long, dance-based, cardiovascular group exercise class for over 25 years.  She has been a pilates client at Pilates-4-Virginia Beach since 2015 and is a true believer that pilates has given her running career longevity!

Brande began teaching group exercise classes in 2012.  She discovered Pilates-4-Virginia Beach in 2018 when she and her husband became clients. It is here where she fell in love with pilates and all the amazing benefits the modality offers the body as she struggled with her postpartum journey.  She acquired a comprehensive pilates certification locally and also teaches TRX, mat pilates, barre, yoga and aerial/circus arts.

Kinney was first exposed to Pilates while living and working in NYC. This planted a seed which later bloomed into taking her first pilates training years later. Fast forward to over 1200 hours of formalized and comprehensive pilates instruction and 13 years of experience. Her primary training is through Romana’s Pilates, a 600+ hour classical program with teaching legacy to Joseph Pilates. Kinney is a 3rd generation, Level V instructor through this program.  She also teaches the GYROKINESIS® and GYROTONIC® methods.

When Margaret began teaching group exercise in 2000, she realized how much she loved helping people get and stay active. She has taught a variety of fitness formats but discovered pilates in 2007. She loved how the modality challenged, yet could be modified, for any participant.  She completed the comprehensive STOTT PILATES certification in 2017 and became a STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer for Matwork and Reformer in October 2021.

Ursula discovered Pilates-4-Virginia Beach in 2016 and has always been an uplifting, happy and easy-going client.  In 2022, as Jennifer was in the market for an Office Manager, Ursula came immediately to mind.  Her experience in retail as well as her familiar and friendly face, make her a perfect fit for our studio.  Plan on seeing Ursula on the schedule soon as an instructor, not just as a participant, as she plans to take our in-house STOTT PILATES reformer certification this summer