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Pilates-4-Virginia Beach is a contemporary pilates and barre studio.  The pilates studio is equipped with STOTT PILATES reformers, stability chair, cadillac, ladder barrel and other miscellaneous props.  Pilates is a mode of exercise that lengthens and strengthens the muscles while focusing on postural alignment and stability.  It is a great form of exercise for anyone.  The barre studio provides an authentic ballet-barre inspired workout and is also home to our mat pilates classes.

The studio has recently added  GYROKINESIS® private training and small group classes. A variety of TRX formats round out our offerings at Pilates-4-Virginia Beach.  In response to the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent government mandates, we have adjusted our class sizes to follow the CDC recommendations and continue to offer online classes via Zoom as well as to offer a robust video library for those who are more comfortable participating from home.

We are excited to announce the addition of our Pilates-4-VB Annex Studio in Chesapeake, VA.  The studio is specifically designed for private and semi-private training for 2 clients.


Jennifer R.

Jennifer’s love of dance led to her career in fitness which began in 1989. She discovered pilates in 1999 while rehabilitating an injury and recognized the benefits of incorporating pilates not only into her regular exercise routine, but also into her clients’ routines. In 2001, Jennifer began the rigorous process of obtaining the comprehensive STOTT PILATES instructor certification, which is a contemporary approach to pilates.  Prior to opening Pilates-4-Virginia Beach in 2014, she owned and operated a private pilates studio in the Los Angeles area for 13 years, specializing in pain management.  She has been teaching barre since 2011 after completing the certification for Cardio Barre in Los Angeles, CA. Jennifer recently passed the GYROKINESIS® Level 1 certification in June 2021 and is continuing the GYROTONIC® certification process. 

She has traveled with Crystal Cruise as a guest pilates instructor for over 10 years and hopes to continue doing so whenever the opportunity presents itself again.  Jennifer’s philosophy on exercise is that it should be results-oriented without being debilitating. Find what you enjoy doing and make it a part of your daily routine. 

Margaret N.

In 2000, Margaret was taking her regular step class when the instructor pulled her aside and asked if she had thought about teaching classes. She thought he had lost his mind. However, the instructor persisted and provided information on upcoming certifications. She finally relented and looked at the website. It did seem to be a perfect match. Margaret had always been active. She was a competitive gymnast from the age of 5 to 17 and was always moving. After taking the primary certification through AFAA and starting to teach classes, she realized how much she loved helping people get and stay active. She has taught a variety of fitness formats but discovered pilates in 2007. She loved how the modality challenged participants, but could also be modified for any participant. She completed her STOTT PILATES matwork certification in 2012 and her STOTT PILATES reformer certification in 2015. Barre seemed to be the next logical step for Margaret so she took the Booty Barre® certification in 2013 and also the STOTT PILATES Total Barre course in 2014. She completed the Comprehensive STOTT PILATES Certification in 2017 and completed the STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer Program for Matwork and Reformer in October 2021.

Jan A.

As a former competitive gymnast and cheerleader from elementary school through college, Jan has always displayed a passion for physical fitness. After college she continued her fitness pursuits through running, Crossfit and taking various fitness classes. However, there was always a piece of the puzzle missing. That piece was found in 2010 when she took her first pilates class. She instantly fell in love with this form of exercise as it brought back memories of her days in gymnastics of using her own body weight for resistance and allowing her to get an amazing workout without adding more stress on her already over-worked knees and joints. Jan has always dreamed of helping others to become healthy and to reach their fitness goals. Knowing pilates is for everyone she realized she could put forth her passion of helping people become healthier through fitness by teaching pilates.  Jan became a certified mat pilates instructor through American Aerobics Association International and International Sports Medicine Association (AAAI/ISMA).  She later completed the Merrithew Total Barre course in 2015 as well as the STOTT PILATES Reformer certification in 2016. In 2019 Jan became certified as a Comprehensive STOTT PILATES instructor. Last but certainly not least, she has been trained in and is qualified to teach TRX Suspension.

Julie R.

Julie started out at Pilates-4-Virginia Beach as a client and fell in love with both pilates and the studio.  Practicing STOTT PILATES has transformed her mind and body. She is a full-time dog mom from California, devoting her free time to teaching pilates equipment classes at Pilates-4-Virginia Beach. Julie enjoys the challenge of teaching and the opportunity it provides her to develop a motivating workout session that suits the individual needs of her clients. Julie is a friendly, compassionate and diligent instructor always seeking to help everyone she comes in contact with to reach his or her full potential. She is on target to complete the Comprehensive STOTT PILATES Instructor Certification in 2021. Julie is also certified in Total Barre and TRX Suspension Training.

Brande M.

Brande received her group fitness certification through Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) in 2011 and has been teaching group exercise classes since 2012.  In addition, she is a registered Vinyasa Yoga instructor (RYT-200) and is certified in both Prenatal and Post-natal yoga.  She also holds certifications in Total Barre Fitness, TRX, Suspension Pilates Method and is comprehensively certified in the Pilates method through Dawn Pilates Studio under director of education, Everlea Bryant, NCPT, CPT.  Brande received teacher training in aerial/circus arts through OCAA/RKP, Circus Arts Institute (CAI), AURA Pole Dance Fitness, and SHOW Circus Studio.
Brande is so excited to join the Pilates-4-Virginia Beach team. It is here where she fell in love with pilates and all the amazing benefits the modality offers the body as she struggled with her postpartum journey. P4VB has always been so supportive and kind, especially during this difficult time and she is forever grateful.

LeeAnn S.

LeeAnn S.

LeeAnn began her love affair with exercise while in college.  She found aerobics as a more fun and social alternative to running.   After working as a flight attendant, LeeAnn found that the long days on her feet, confined work space, and erratic schedule had left her with chronic back issues. After struggling for years with therapy and chiropractors, doctors suggested pilates as a means to increase her core strength and reduce likelihood of back stress.

LeeAnn received her certification from Pilates Certification Center in Raleigh, NC which began her role as instructor.  After teaching mat pilates for 14 years she discovered barre classes while visiting her daughter in St. Louis and has been hooked on both pilates and barre ever since.

When LeeAnn found Pilates-4-Virginia Beach she knew she had found her studio! With encouragement and counsel from Jennifer she was certified in barre from Barre Above ® in Richmond.  In addition, when she and her husband travel, LeeAnn seeks out barre studios not only for her personal fitness but also to keep her barre routines fresh with ideas from other professionals in the industry.

Kinney F.

Kinney was first exposed to Pilates while living and working in NYC. This planted a seed which later bloomed into taking her first Pilates training years later. Fast forward to over 1200 hours of formalized and comprehensive Pilates instruction and 13 years of experience. Her primary training is through Romana’s Pilates, a 600+ hour classical program with teaching legacy to Joseph Pilates. Kinney is a 3rd generation, Level V instructor through this program.

In addition to Pilates, Kinney decided to add the GYROTONIC® EXPANSION SYSTEM to her repertoire. Having experienced the benefits of this method for over 6 years of dedicated and private instruction,  Kinney felt the GYROTONIC® Method was a perfect compliment to Pilates. She became a certified Level 1 GYROTONIC® trainer in 2019 and then obtained her GYROKINESIS® certification in 2021. Kinney also has additional training in the GYROTONIC® Method with Applied GYROTONIC® for Osteoporosis and Musical Journeys.

Always interested in learning more, Kinney followed her passion for posture and alignment, biomechanics, and Restorative Exercise. She completed her Gokhale Method Foundations Course by Esther Gokhale, The New Rules of Posture for Movement Therapists with Mary Bond, and the Healthy Foot Course through Nutritious Movement and Katy Bowman. Kinney also spent 18 months working with a Level 2 certified Egoscue Practitioner and used the method and it’s exercises, along with Pilates and GYROTONIC®, as recovery from severe illness and chronic pain. She has taken workshops with Petra Fisher, certified Nutritious Movement Instructor, Lauren Ohayon, Founder of Restore Your Core, and Dr. Sarah Ellis Duvall, Physical Therapist and Pelvic Floor Expert.
More recently, during the Pandemic, Kinney took advantage of global internet access and worked with leveled and renowned Master Trainers from all over the world in her certified disciplines and even went on to explore new modalities. Kinney participated in weekly group sessions in Feldenkrais and 1 on 1, private instruction in the ELDOA Method.

Kinney is a big advocate of Women’s Health and working with clients that other trainers may shy away from. She has extensive experience working with neurological issues, diastasis recti and pelvic floor issues, pre and post natal, and other conditions which require a more personalized, out of the box, 1 on 1 approach. Kinney uses compassion and clear instruction to guide her clients to discovery and self exploration. Her cornerstone are Communication, Collaboration, and Commitment. Kinney feels it is paramount to help her clients become independent, confident, and joyful movers. 

A native of Virginia Beach, Kinney returned home in January 2022. She began her college career at University of Virginia and later transferred to the University of Washington where she obtained a BA in Slavic Languages and Literature. She has her Primary Montessori (3-6 years) and Elementary (6-12 years) credentials and taught at both levels for a total of 15 years. She has lived in Virginia, Washington, New York, Washington, D.C., Vermont, California, North Carolina, and overseas on the island of Saipan. She has a son, Elia, who is a student at Hampden Sydney. She hopes to share her passion for movement with others and to spread the word about the GYROTONIC® Method.

Betsey O.

Betsey, LPTA, is a lymphedema specialist at the adjoining clinic, Innovative Therapy and Wellness. Her mission for this chronic diagnosis is to improve, encourage, educate and inspire those affected by lymphedema. Betsey has also enjoyed teaching DanceIT, an hour long, dance-based, cardiovascular group exercise class for over 25 years.  She has been a pilates client at Pilates-4-Virginia Beach since 2015 and is a true believer that pilates has given her running career longevity!